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chautauqua VS waneta

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we saw at least 10 muskies caught in the south basin of chautauqua on saturday- 12 to 16 fow. i would try there. tourney was won in the north end casting in mayville. those would be my two recomendations for that lake. smaller 5-6" lures is what got them for us last weekend. all 3 were on the same lure. white- they say that the cassadaga chain has the highest density of all the lakes in NY. only fished it one time and got skunked (several follows). there are 3 smaller lakes all connected and i was told by the fisheries biologist that this is a great lake for people to get their first and alot of action from 30-40 inchers. he said that a 50+" was taken in june so bigger fish are there. alot of casting the weeds from what i understand. i would guess that smaller bucktails and smaller jerkbaits would be the key at thtat lake. waneta does get alot of pressure though. it seems that i see more people fishing for muskies than anything else in that lake. plus the locals seem to know what they are doing.

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