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solgrande! Thanks for the knowledge!!

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nice job- did you get him trolling? bob is good about heading new people in the right direction. he seems to be a good guy. all that we ask is to release the fish and more info will come for you from everyone else. congrats- i still remember every detail about my first even though it was over 16 years ago (i am 30). a fat 42" on a reef hawg (all black) on the french river in ontario in late october. congratulations! making great memories!

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Your welcome ron and congradulations to you and the mrs,glad you hooked up 1st time out (not counting last tourney there)It gets pretty exciting from here on out-your gonna want more.I`ve got a whole bunch of lures i`m getting rid of,give me a call.Only 39???thats a nice fish,Lets see a picture!We know you got one. :beer::beer:

Bob S

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