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Sodus 4/22 Report (HELP ME PLEASE)

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Made it out on the water by 9:30am, got set up heading west out of the chute, towards Maxwell. Fished 6-15 FOW making several rounds. Couldn't get anything to fire. :(:(:( First tried sticks off the boards and spoons off the riggers, concentrating on bright colors. Then decided to mix it up a bit when I started seeing clearer water. Switched to black and silvers, watermelons, etc. Still couldn't get anything to bite.

HELP ME PLEASE!!! Anybody with some experience that is interested in going out of Sodus Bay on my boat to work with me on my equipment? I haven't been able to get much of a program going. On my third year of this type of fishing. Hands on help would be appreciated.

Please PM me if interested. I'm available this Sunday morning (4/29) or other weekends in May.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey buddy! I would take ya up on the offer but I will be in CT this weekend fishing a bass tourney. All I can tell ya is find the dirty or green water. Most likely this will be off the mouths of creeks. Throw a variety of colors out until you find one that works. If you are fishing clear water stretch your lines further behind the boat. Other than that I think we all missed the good bite that was going on all last week. Hope for some rain and wind for a day or so!

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