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56"er from chautauqua few days ago

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Check this bad boy out! wow-this is nice!!!!!!!!!

Here it is boys, 56.5 inches, This measurement was taken in the boat, due to the fact the fish was much to much for him and his partner to handle in the water boatside...unfortunately a girth measurement was not taken...So any weight estimate is speculation....And She is Back in the lake...Gonna start to figure out how to get an acurate repro-mount made with-out having a girth...This fish was caught Sunday 20th Approx: 1800


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i am so impressed. way big! way to go boys, i have never seen one like that in person. congrats. maybe someday and if i do everyone will know. it would be the fish heard round the world, boy. i would then retire that plug forever and tell war stories about the monster that ate it to whomever would listen. awesome job!!! with my luck this monster was probally caught on the new plastic tuff shad that i was talking crap about.

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