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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:06.30-10.00am


Wind Speed/Direction:south-east at 15mph

Waves: 3 to 4 feet

Surface Temp: 64

Location:Genny river mouth and north to 90fow





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated:1

Species Breakdown:Striped bass ?????????,steelhead

Hot Lure: green dream weaver with added herring bone and eye (home made)

Trolling Speed: 2.1-3.4

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 20 to 90

Lure Depth: 15 to 60



Very choppy and tough weather for solo fishing.

At first I joined the combat trolling crowd in front of the river.It was here that I picked up this 19 inch fish that for all practical purpose looked just like a striped bass.It even hit with the same ferocity as the ones I catch in Cape Cod Bay.Now I realize that there are no stripers in lake Ontario so it must have been some other species that I don't recognize,unless somebody has been doing some illegal stocking of hybrid striped bass of the type that is found in southern reservoirs.

After leaving the crowd I went out to deeper water and hooked up twice with nice steelhead but it was almost impossible to bring them in, net them and steer the boat at the same time in the large waves that were out there,so both got off.

It was a fun morning,probably the last for the big lake this year.It is Ibay from here on until next spring.


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See if these photos by John Lyons help with ID:



White bass (We used to call “Silver bassâ€)


Typically 9-12†but max is 19-20â€. They will hybrid with the Stripper.

Yellow Bass (Not as common as the White):


Smaller than White, max about 16â€.

White perch:


Smaller than the bass. Max about 14†(no stripes)

Freshwater Drum (aka “Sheepsheadâ€, and these guys get big – max about 34â€)


And one of the invasives – Rudd:


No stripes and a very distinctive coloration around tips of fins.

Here’s a site that is tremendous help with freshwater fish ID:


I’d suspect you caught a White Bass. Lots of them around. They’re in bays early in the year then move out to the lake. Generally that “Mass of fish†we find in the 50-70 ft range that don’t hit anything, when we’re catching trout & salmon deeper, has a lot of these guys.

Tom B.


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Hello Tom,

Thanks for the pictures.The white bass is definitely very similar to what I caught,except that it was more streamlined ,more striped bass like.Probably it was just a very large male,much larger than I ever caught before.

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How about a Goby hitting a Jplug, happened right at the mouth.

I didnot know Goby's got this big, the only ones Ive seen were either puked up on the boat floor by browns Bass and pike in the spring and they were only as long as the Jplug.

Also caught a bass and a walleye in the river , but no salmon.


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