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Spawning Lakers

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Have any of you found it hard to hook up with lakers this time of the year ?

I was in Oregon for 4 days fishing for trophy Lakers, we found them but could not bring

get them to bite, but one 18lber and a pup of 4 lbs to the surface. Saw hundreds of fish on top of high points on the lake bottom.

Little help please

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Stan, prespawn/spawn lakers can be touchy for sure. Although I am not a expert on these fish I do think that usually you can find some percentage of them, usually at a certain depth range, that are more actively feeding than others. The other thing I think that I see is that even these "active" fish do not seem to feed for a long time. Pre to spawn these fish seem to congregate and disperse in areas w/ in much shorter periods of time than they would have May-August. "See um on the sonar but can't get em" is a common refrain on the radio and at the launch the last few weeks. Copper w/ flasher/fly, wire slide diver w/ much longer than normal dipsy leads, and a 2 color SWR w/ a diving type crank bait have all kept us on fish at one point or another.

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thanks, the only two we pulled up came off copper with a Wrangler lure on . But I did find this information today.

" Lake Trout spawn at night in late autumn in the inland lakes up to depths of 40'

over large cobble and bolder substrates. "

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We even tried to sit over top of them and jig and you could feel them brush the line.

It was almost like being in a fish hatchery , they where that considerate. I have never seen so many big fish gathered in on place in my life . The lake is known for 40lb

lakers . Wish I had one of those underwater cameras on my down rigger , it would have been a sight that would have been talked about for some time to come out here.

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