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Canandaigua 4/22 and 4/23

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Drove to south end sunday to check it out and it got my boat envy going. I think it must have been the Avon Anglers first tourney on Canandaigua, saw some nice Sportcrafts and Penny's in the lot after 12:30 pm. Just looked at the boats with my better half, then went home to finish rigging the FLXTroutman. Got up early Monday and just went to North end trolled around west side to Menteth Point then back up past pumphouse. Ran small spoons, small sticks on boards, then sent Rapala HJ 14 Orange and black, out 200' then board 100', picked up pickerel, tossed 'em back not sure if it's pickerel season.

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The boats you saw on Sunday were the Finger Lakes Trollers Association crews. 14 boats participated.

Joe Matwiejow had the winning one man limit, 3 browns, 2 rainbows, 22-6 lbs.

Vince Kadlec had the largest lake trout, 10-8 lbs.

Jim Stewart had the largest brown trout, 7-10 lbs.

Joe Matwiejow had the largest rainbow, 5-15 lbs.

Fishing was tough, but it was a fantastic day to be on the water!!

Avon Anglers had their event on Saturday.

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Thanks for the info, nice catches though with the tough fishing, for some of those guys. From my experience the last 3 years ( and Monday morning, later start than I had hoped for the drive to Woodville) the south end is definitely the better location for Canandaigua. The north end does have some browns and rainbows lurking high while the lakers hug the bottom. I was targeting the brownies and bows, I will get 'em next time.

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