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Seneca Pike

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I`ve launched from sampson and fished down and across the lake at dresden(pwr plant?)and done well using bass crankbaits in 20fow(shad color with orange eyes).I`ve also got them on the north end around the pier(spoons and bass cranks-depends on water clarity as to what colors i use).I don`t fish it as much as i`d like to but i would head out of the launch(either at sampsom or the one down the east side(lond point?)near starkey)and fish the edges with deep divers and or 1oz spoons and let those flutter down and jig back in a pull and pause retrieve.I know there`s some real porkers in there that i`d like to hook into.I know they get some nice ones down at watkins glen.Wish i could be of more help but kind of a rookie there.

Well good luck and let us know how you do.


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launch at severine point and fish north to the next point,along the weed edges.repeat. seneca has ultra clear water so sunshine is bad there. first and last light are key times there. i use big baits there to try to aviod the little ones;there's a lot of them. musky size bucktails work well in black/nickle and walleye/gold. when the water gets to 50 a fluttering spoon will work better

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