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Picked up the new ride in Sodus today and ran it back to Fair Haven. All went well.


Spent most of the afternoon getting the boat in it's slip with new dock lines, etc. I was surprised how much stuff came off the old boat and how long it took to get things situated. Here's a shot of the boat at rest in it's slip.



Of course, we couldn't spend all that time working on the boat without taking it out fishing for a bit. We spent about 90 minutes on the lake and boated 4 nice browns. Fish came on Black/Silver, and firetiger Dave's Ka-boom shiners, and on some orange bleeding belly R&R spoons. Water has warmed up a bit. We found 48-52 degree water in 9-13 FOW. Still some color in the water too. Here's Dad and Jay with the first fish we took on the new boat:



I'm really glad to have the boat in the water and ready to go. I was going nuts the past couple of weeks being boat-less.

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Thanks again guys. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with it. I owe a big thanks to L&M, who went way out of his way to provide me with inside info on the boat. I really appreciate your help Hank.

Ray, that hook sharpener didn't spend more than 2 minutes where it was. It's safely tucked away up inside the cabin now! :lol::lol: And it's always good to have Dad out on the water with me.

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