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Question on fishing Canada on the western end


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It's been mentioned that fishing the canadian side "may" be more productive for kings out west this year. If that holds true, where do you fish on the Canadian side?? How many poles per person in the lake on the Canadian side, 1 or 2 ? I get my canadian Lic. each year anyway, cause I fish both sides in the Thousand Islands.

One more question on the number of poles. I know I can run two poles for my 8 yr old son, how about my 4 yr old daughter? Can I count her as two poles, even though she could not possibly hande one :lol: ? Are the laws on this matter different on the canadian side?



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While Lake Erie is still flowing its icy water out of the Canals and the Niagara, the water west of Port Dahlousie warm up and the fish start feeding earlier. The steel mills, refinerys and the millions of people on the Canadian shore dump a lot of heat into the lake there. I don't think there are more fish there, just that the temperatures in the 40'sF. increase the metabolism in the fish and they go on the feed then. When Lake Erie warms up, then the Bar turns on. Spring is when your surface temperature gauge is most important. Find the warmest waters and the fish will hit there. Early morning the kings will be on the beach feeding but the sun will drive them deep by 8:00 AM. Work the colored water and when you get a hit, go back through the area again. Shallow waters, use floating stickbaits to keep from snagging up on the bottom if you have to stop. Boards are most important for your success. Keep your lures away from the boat. In colored waters, use flourescent reds for browns feeding on the bait on the beach. For kings, use j-13 Rapala's early in the morning. If you want to fish kings after the sun comes up, 50 to 100 foot depths work, keep your speed about 2 mph, silver and blue works well in waters of less thn 45F, silver and green above 45F. Use regular, not magnum heavy spoons, lighter spoons in cold waters.

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Are you sure about 2 rods per person in Canadian waters? I thought it was 1 rod per angler. I know its 1 rod per angler in the Niagara River in Canadian water. ?????

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