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My best trailcam shot ever - nice 7 or 8 point


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This was taken by one of my trailcams this past week on one of my properties - it's a nice shot of a 7 or 8-pointer looking right at the camera.

For those of you that'll probably complain, I discard the salt licks once bow starts, I only use them as a camera aid.....

Good luck this year to all - I hope I see him again!

- Chris


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now i see it chris, Nice buck! I hope you get em! I have over a 1000 pics this year with a couple solid ones but i believe one guy has given the cameras the slip. I am finding rubs on maple trees 12-14 inches wide :yes: c'mon saturday!

also i always like to give a plug for fx (shawn) great taxi work for the guys that get a big one on the ground

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