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Opening day 10pt.


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Hey its a little early for gun season,tell the boy nice job (and daughter)..Ive got a few pics with the kids when they were that age, my son turned 20 yesterday , and it seems like just a few days ago they were that size .You know all to well how tuff it is to get such a buck consider getting a tanning kit (or have the hide tanned ) and have a gift made for each kid (you too) of a small pouch or bag ..What a great deer (they all are) to get with a bow ..now that you got a little time on your hands howabout the rest of the story we all love a good deer story as well as a good fishing tale....please....(and what did it score?) i might guess 126 to134

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Great deer...man I have yet to get one of that stature. I gotta get me one of those plastic double barrel shotguns..man they are powerful :lol: Might be a little easier with the take on baggage too :thinking: Great buck with the stick and string :clap:


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The story.

Been watching him all summer with two bigger and two smaller in some bean lots to and from work. Lots of pressure in this piece so I only place one stand in an inside corner and place four more junk stands in the area to discourage some others that don't have good manners. Created the illusion this funnel was taken and hunted hard. First day all pumped to relax for a change so I'm in and settled and hour early. Something, not sure what walks right under me at 6:10. Great I'm thinking and sat there enjoying the noises of the crunching leaves as what ever walked right on by. Sun starts to come up and out the squirrels. Man there are enough of those little buggers. So the old is that a deer or squirrel game starts, we've all been there, when I catch sudden movement in the middle of the funnel at thirty yards. All I have at this point is a hind leg. I see a little bit of his rack and figure forky and put the bow back and sit down. He finally takes a step were his whole head is in view and I recalculate fast. SHOOTER!!!!!!!!!! Like on a string he turns walks right at me to ten yards. He turns a bit to go around a tree and popped him at 8yds quartering towards me. He takes of bounding but really doesn't know what happened. Now at forty yards he's spinning like a chopper and down he goes. I waited 20min. and slid out. Came back after 2hrs with my trackers and cut them loose. Boy was that fun. Total pass through with a Rage two blade and we were having severe difficulty. I almost asked my wife if they were color blind but bit my tongue. Had to remember they are just pups so I eased back and let them work it out. It was killing me as I could see him down just twenty five yards away but could see no horns. I felt like them for a second, "Are we there yet?? How much longer??". Finally my daughter strikes the track and we're off. Neither one of them are looking up at all so they came right up on it and almost tripped over it. Before they got to close I swung around just to make sure it was done. Lots of high fives and hugs and questions. Tons of questions. My biggest to date for sure. Not sure on the score but I believe Ray is right in the ball park 125-130.




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It will get really good if your little side kicks take up the sport. My oldest is 11 and already he and his brother are having a good time trying to poke holes in the leftover squash and pumpkins from the garden. I look forward to taking them afield in the future, no different then being on the water with them.


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