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Question on NYS Guide Requirements

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I am wondering if anyone can give me a little bit of info RE: the NYS Guide Licensing Program.

I am in the midst of taking my USCG 6 pack exam. I believe I would be legal to guide on the big lake, St Lawrence, Seneca, Cayuga, etc.

I have read online re the application form, physical, exam. There is very little to zero info on what topics, how difficult, etc. .

Do I need the NYS Licences to guide on say Oneida Lake?

How long/difficult is the test (I see there is one in 2 weeks).

Also can anyone fill me in on where to get proper insurance to carry paying customers on very limited basis?????

Thanks in advance!!!

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I am in the process of obtaining that license too. The test, from what I read, is on the regulations in the sport your guiding in.. You need CPR which you get with ur 6 pack, and a physical which u need for your 6 pack. Onieda is a navigatable water so I think the 6 pack will work. Not many places you need a guides license for. Mostly finger lakes and adirodack lakes, and maybe chautaqua.

If you want to guide on Conesus or Honeoye you need to obtain another license from the state and have your boat inspected by the state. Total cost per year is $40. This is only for Conesus and Honeoye. If you have a 6 pack they will waive theis test.

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