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Halloween morning...


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Got out Saturday morning with temp in the 90's, wind from every direction...and a ton of a rain. As I was walking into the stand in the dark, got about 10 yards from the stand and a deer jumps up from my side, about 5 steps away...after I grab my heart from the branches, I continue the next 10 steps to the stand and settle in. 20 minutes into it, I roll the can and a few soft grunts, few minutes later, 1 good sized doe comes in from the back, then she's trailed by 4 others. Life is good. Gets to 20 yards then the wind decides to play with me, she picks me up 1-2 steps before the first shooting lane. By by. 5 minutes later, the same group come's back. Same darn thing happens again...1 more step, then the wind twists again. They head away in a different direction...about 1-2 minutes later, a nice 8 pointer comes down the does path. He come in on the backside, of the tree. Takes his time, some grunts...more grunts...hits the trail the doe were on. Comes right in to 13 yards, when I needed 12 yards. He stops, I'm at full draw...waiting, waiting, and waiting. Wind decides to shift in his direction and he's getting spooky. He decided to take 1 more step, and that's all I needed, Settle the pin, let it fly, dead deer. Good size body to him. Life is good. A few picks.

Thanks for listening. :beer:


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