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White Blade Green Dot and Chrome Blade Green Dot (both with double crush) were our hottest set-ups in the last month of the 09' season

For a different point of view:

2008 sales, we sold around 1900 Spin Doctors

...best sellers were the same Green Dot and the rest of the green striped waffle/back colors ei. HammerTime, Innovator, Showtime, LiveWire

(We sold around 50 doz. of these 6 alone)

2009 sales, we sold around 2700 Spin Doctors

...best seller was the Green Dot, the striped series was again hot, with other hot items being 42 Second, Gator and the Crazy Biitch rounding out the top sellers.

The Green Dot was so hot we were often out and we ordered them 4 to 6 doz at a time

We sold about 10 doz of The Gator

and another 7 ro 8 doz each of the 42 Second and Crazy Biitch

Spin Doctors out-sold all other attractors around 12-1


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1. Crazy B!tch

2. Hawg Wild

3. Mt. Dew

4. Blue Dolphin

Had best luck with running longer fly leads behind Crazy B!tch and Hawg Wild this year. Seems like the shyer fish liked the long leads. Always ran matched flasher/flies on these 2. Not much luck on the riggers with these, but wire divers were hot.

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1. White crush glow/ green dots

2. Black crush glow/ green dots

3. White crush glow

4. White crush glow/ black dots (Dalmation)

Chrome versions didn't even come close to these this year.

How did the White crush glow/ blue dots work for you all this year? I want to try running that in 2010...


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Dotted spinnies were so hot we went nuts



First King taken on the Captain Valium Rig

and certainly not the last, 4 that day alone with its introduction to Lady O


The Crazy Biitch herself holding one in place



Lonewolf bwo Jeremy Botting


Even made them with extra large dots

The Green/Green Dot was also hot for the Oswego boys, it accounted for many dead Kings


Someone mentioned the blue dot, the season before it was part of the reason we won the 2008 Niagara Pro/Am


This year the 2009 Niagara Pro/Am was taken down by Team Thrillseeker, I am sure I will be getting a phone call after this note but for those of you who watched the LO video of the 2009 Niagara Pro/Am I recall team Thrillseeker also taking a King on a certain dotted spinnie Shhhh............... heheheh

And the season before our win (2007 Niagara Pro/Am) the Dalmation/Hammer was huge for the Candians who took the win: Dave Sullivan, Matt Santoro and crew, Dave said man, we had our 12 Kings by 9:30 am

Dots Dots Dots, its all about dots on some days

If I could only tell the rest of the dotted stories (don't want to be de-balled just yet)

They truly are a staple



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