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Mine took a Gator Stinger Stingray on the 500' copper.

I rarely get Atlantics on my deep coppers on the FLX, usually they are feeding around 55-40', I did get a couple of 3-4lbers up high targeting Steelies out of Port Bay in early June out over 300'.

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Nice fish guys. The only Atlantic I've ever gotten was a slob I caught off the olcott pier at night in September of 1994 on an egg sack. Jumped like crazy, lot of fun. That was a beautiful male in full spawning trim, big kyped up jaw. He was 34 inches and a weighed 14 1/2 lbs.

It was such a pretty fish, the guy I was fishing with wanted to get it mounted, so unfortunately we kept it, and then he ended up not freezing it properly and the fins freezer burned and he never did end up taking it to the taxidermist :@:@

No pictures unfortunately, that was before digital cameras and I never brought my nice 35mm Minolta SLR out on the pier. Wish I at least had some pics now, as he sounds like it was one of the bigger atlantics caught on the lake in recent times.


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