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Quinte Wallete Trip #3 pics


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Fished 5 straight days in the bay, took alot of fish w-f and then my tournamnet that we won last year was saturday and sunday. The way the Picton Walleye Challenge works is each boat weight thier biggest fish each day. After we weighed in a 12.66 lb fish the first day we sat in 2nd place. Knowing we needed a big fish we went out and tried and ended up with a 12.78 lber. We ened up finishing 3rd over all and lost by a total of about 7 ounces. We had a great time out there. I think there were between 30 and 40 boats. I'll be back up there thursday through sunday. Here are some of the fish for the week.










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Nice going Mike! Couldn't find the big ones.. huh? ... Only those 12+ pounders? Well.. the big boat's put away and I didn't make it up there again. Next year for sure! The little boat's rigged and ready though.. See you down on the river! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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72 perecent were released successfully. 28 percent that wouldn't release went to the table or wall. It was 1 fish per boat per day. I paid attention this year because someone on another board wanted to play mr conservation last year. Ive released over 15 ten lbers this year

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