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Trolling rods


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For the FLX: riggers- Okuma Blue Diamond ML 7'5" great action.

planers (flat)- Eagle claw Starfire 8'6" L

Dipsy(wire) - Talora 7' med fast(it's actually listed by Shimano as a rigger rod)

I don't use those Blue Diamonds on my riggers on Ontario, not near enough rod for Kings, on Ontario I use 6'6" H Ugly stiks on my riggers.

My copper & core rods are Ugly stiks(7' med(short cores and short copper) and Ugly stik 7' MH and H for long coppers.

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I run all Daiwas. 7'6 for the spring riggers and boards, 8' for the summer fall riggers, 8'6 for leadcore, 9'6 for dipsys and coppers. These rods are cheap and durable. I've only broke one in the last three years and that was because I slammed it in my tailgate. I ran te Okuma Blue diamonds for a while and most of the inner eyelets fell out and i had one reel seat break after three weeks off fishing so I gave the whole buch of them away.

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