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Seneca Lake Northerns

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tried it this am not a single strike left early went looking elesewhare didnt do any better. that lake fustrates the hell out of me one day we kill them cant troll two poles than the next 5 times out I cant buy a fish.

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I see you're from syr, so for what its worth... you might want to give Otisco a try.

We were thinking of trying seneca yesterday but instead opted to try some tigers. the owner of the otisco marina there said the action has been pretty good lately, and we definitely saw some ourselves. 1 follow, we boated a small one (20 incher :lol: ) and had another one bite me off- that one was probably 30 plus by the way it pulled- never got a look tho ;( . silly me for downsizing the line . ran 20lb flouro tied directly to the braid to keep the presentation more natural due to some pretty clear water for that lake. oh well...

our action came around the deep weedlines in the N end. x-raps were the favored baits.


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I've never fished Otisco this late in the season. Obviously, I guess I should. I've done quite well on Tigers during August and September up to 40 inches (all released).

Going full blown Wisconsin style casting bucktails has worked the best for me.

I too fish the north end weed edges. Thanks for the information.


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