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Fair Haven Chinese Fire drill 4/27 & 4/28

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We got out for a couple of hours on Friday night and boated about a dozen browns. We fished both east and west of the chute in anywhere from 5-15 FOW. Dave's KA-BOOM shiners in black/silver and firetiger were the best sticks for us, and Dreamweaver glo frogs and a prototype NK watermelon w/grape dots were the best spoons.

On Saturday, we fished for about 5 hours and just murdered the browns. We had a few coho's mixed in too. From the moment we put the first rod in the water until the time we called it a day we couldn't keep all of our rods in the water. It was a total Chinese firedrill all day long. Dave's KA-BOOM shiners ruled the sticks and just about every color we put out took fish. The same NK & DW, plus an orange R&R bleeding belly were the best spoons for us. The water had a nice color to it and we found temps around 43-46 degrees.

I barely had time to snap any pics, but here a the three I snapped..unfortunttely of some of the smaller fish we took. Bigggest brown for us was just about 6lbs today. We had coho's in the 3-4lb range. Best brown trout fishing I've seen in years...better get up here if you can!




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