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Checking for waterfowl information

Trap Jaw

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Just wanted to put a post up to see if anyone is seeing good nubers of sea ducks on the lake. My buddy and I have been looking forward to getting up this year. I realize from reading the posts from last year that we still have some time until the gunning gets really hot... Unfortunately he ran into a bit of a snag. His girlfriend is expecting, of all due dates, the beggining of January. We were talking about it yesterday and decided that if there were any birds around it would be better to make a trip before the end of the first season then wait until the second season and have the possibility of her going into labor. It kind of sucks, but if we could get some marginal hunting in and not have to worry about anything it would be better then getting great hunting with that specter hanging over our heads. Not looking for detailed info like spots or anything, just what the prospects are right now.

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Oh yeah, same thing we're running into down here. Lots of birds, but they have been here so long that they've been educated. The one day we did get a cold blow we did good, 9 birds with an old squaw hen and two surf scoters thrown in. Just wondered if anyone had given it a try yet. Thanks for the responses.

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