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Spoon of the Year

Gray Fox

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Spring: Silver Streak Sister Sludge (Caramel dolphin) and NK28 Double Orange Crush.

Summer: DW Glow Froggie, and Stingray NBK.

Fall: Stingray Mixed Veggies


NK28 Watermelon, Moonshine Carbon-14 Magnum, NK28 O's Alewife (see attheoak.com)

NEW top performers:

Moonshine Purple Nurple (reg and Mag), Stingray Twister


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Well if i had a super secret spoon i would share it(not). But have found over the years all 8 or more importintly the hours fished over 6000,that the Hot spoon has to match the conditions cold water, pea green water,clear water,early morning,bright days,cloudy days,afternoonbite, and evening bite,flat surface,choppy surface,1 ftrs ,4 ftrs ,then toss in depth of water the fish are in,and temps, then are you after browns,steelie,kings,and yes landskark WALLEYS,.....have i forgot the 3-s's speed speed speed...many of us run a mixed spread (spinnys and spoons) so ya gotta have the right weight spoon to match the speed needed for the spinnies..i have and do run all the listed spoons listed and maybe a few more,,tho is you run a spread of one spoon all year you will get fish all year ,its the fine tuning of the spoon to speed and conditions that may be a better thought,also a slight bend in a spoon can kill or add to the action check em over the side before deploying each time only takes 5 sec a small splitshot 6 ft up the line in heavy flea conditions can help keep the line end of the spoon clean and running proper .. so for the newer guys a good spoon selection is important but there are a lot of little things to keep in mind that will make a difference of a good day to a great day.... and dont forget the 3 S's

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