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Starter package SOLD

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One full takle box of spoons

3 small takle boxes of mag spoons

1 takle box full of flashers and flys

some flies are custom tied others are boughten.

Spoons consist of michigan stingers, Northern King, Dreamweaver,Nasty boys, Pro Kings, Raiders, and many others.

Flashers consist of Pro troll, Spin doctors, Hot shots, Beckholds, King fishers, Little Shooters, Challengers, and others.

Also there are a few larger flashers as well

Meat rigs (Both cut bait and whole bait)

Extra twinkes and heads

Dipsy divers * various sizes and colors

J-plugs (around 8)

terminal takle

Rod Holders

Down rigger wieghts

Speed and down temp

Marine radio

Beads and heads for fly tieing

13 rods (2 rods are wire rods with counter)

3 downrigger rods with counters

the reast are for planer boards * all with fresh line.

I probably forgot some things if you need something i most likely have it. If you want pictures i can provide them.

Im trying to keep this together as a package but will make exceptions. I will nagotiate prices based on what is wanted











sorry it took so long to up load these , hope it helps all that is interested. i would also consider trade for a 14 foot deep style boat with runnin motor and trailor.. make me a offer . some of the stuff i did not take photos of so if you have any questions feel free to ask

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