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December 1 10 pt


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I was a able to get a short morning hunt in before going to work. I sat till about 8:00 and then still hunted my way back out. I got with 40 yards of him when he jumped up. The old winchester 12ga did the job and we trailed him about 70 yards.This is my best buck ever. I might have a hard time topping this one but you never know.He is already at the taxidermist and should have him back at the end of April.



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Thanks guys. I hunted the whole first week every day with very little deer activity but you have to have persistance right. It had a 21" spread. Wildlife Taxidermy in Newfield is doing it.I have never used him before but I know a few people that have that were very pleased with the quality. I will post the pics when I get him back.

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