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How old???

on the lam

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Silverseeker asked the question on Stan's earlier thread, so how old is everyone, thats if you are willing to admit. It may be interesting putting an age to a name. For the guys I have met personally, I could guess but don't really know. (well I know a couple) :lol::lol:

So i will admit to being 48. 10/31/61. I remember the Robert Kennedy assassination (68) and the first man on the moon (Neil Armstrong 69).

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47.5 here :lol:

Hey inventor of "DIRT" nice photo shop job of that fish in your hands, boat must of finally sank :o so ya had to come up with a new picture :lol::lol::P:

Ray your less than 12 on the inside from the neck up :rofl::*

Tom: Be Kind • Be Courteous • Be Respectful :lol:

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That is a very good question. I remember the day that the hurricane wiped out the "Sand Bar" at Sodus Bay all the way to the east side.(Lake Bluff)..1953. And I drove both a 57 Chev 270 HP and later converted it to a 283/283 F.I.(1959) And I remember the day in 1970 when the DEC set trap nets at the mouth of Sandy Creek and came up with 22# SALMON? Who would ever think that a whole new fishery would emerge from planting a few fingerlings! And the only Captains (....Fishing Guide in 1954) on Lake Ontario were up at the "St. Lawrence River" catching a lot of Muskies and telling "big fish tales".

Time marches On!

Jet Boat Bill

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