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How old???

on the lam

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I remember filling barrels with rocks to save a friend’s house from the effect of Hurricane Agnes on the Port Bay sandbar; seeing a coal boat coming into Sodus and the coal trestle; the smell of dead alewives all along the shoreline; wooden nickels from the Wolcott Sesquicentennial; catching an eel while bass fishing of the Chimneys; seeing a ship go through the Eisenhower lock; and fishing the 1st ESLO derby with my brother. My Dad threw me off the dock at Port Bay when I was 3 years old and then got me out with a fishing pole which I haven’t let go of yet. Next month, I'll have seen 769 full moons.

Tom B.


(769x28)/365 = 59

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62 years Here.

Where did the years go.still act 30.Grew up a hot rodder as a kid.Three 55 chevy's that I put 327's in(one with six single barrel stromberg carbs) A 62 Impala dual quad 409,and a 63 Ford Galaxy with a bored and stroked out 390.Lot's of other fun cars.

Why the hell didn't I keep all of them,I could have retired a long time ago.I go crazy when I watch the Barret -Jackson auctions

Got into boats at 23 years old,and that sickness is just as bad.That's it no more boats or fishing tackle.(well,maybe a little more tackle).Scratch that I just bought a radar,but that's it no more.

My kids will have fun getting rid of all the stuff after I'm gone.

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Remember - Jackie Gleason Show - Popeye the Sailorman - 3 Stooges - 11/22/63 JFK assasination - 2/9/64 Beatles come to America - Robert Kennedy assasination "68' - Armstrong landing on the moon 7/22/69 - Partying at Woodstock - Army 69 - 71 - married in "73" - son being born in "75' and the blizzard of "77" - best memory of all - Granddaughter birth 5/27/2009 :D:D:yes::yes:

Lots of history, some good times and bad .....but no regrets :clap:

58 here, will be 59 before the first Pro/Am.


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