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Bird ID.....Pretty sure that's a domestic goose. Lots of times they escape from Farms and set up residency in local areas. There is one on the Genny that hangs out with some Canadas. They tends to be about as ornery as the darn swans.

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I really like the second one from the top. thanks for the share.

Here's a couple of my favorites, I took all but 1.

Lake Erie at Geneva State Park (this is the one I didn't take)


Off Olcott


Sunset on Erie



las vegas hotels



My brother and two friends in my boat that another friend took I they fished it I wasn't there. Sweet looking shot from the water


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Hope they transfer alright...

All 4 are of the same deer, originally caught in the current of the Niagara River heading out into Lake Ontario. The pictures are all taken from behind as we were corralling it back to land, you can see it made it safely, although it needed a 10 minute deer nap as soon as it hit shore.





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