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Older Mag10 slipping?


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Anyone know what needs fixin if the cable reel is slipping? It was not too bad with 10lb balls n calm lakes but the last trip on Lake O was rough and we had to manually roll it up Hopefully it can be fixed as I bought used and only had them out a handful of times


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On one of mine the cable spool cracked and when pressure/weight is lifted it causes the crack to spread and jump the splines of the shaft. It is repairable, I just haven't gotten into it yet as I had a spare rigger and it was middle of season when it happened. With the rigger held in place, pull on the cable and have someone look at the center of the spool at the shaft and see if there is a crack. The crack in mine is not really visible until there is weight on it.

Good luck,

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:) Believe its the cracked spool problem, thanks for the help. Before it completely broke you could hear a clunking sound and feel some vibrations as it was retrieved. Factory guy said they should cover it and passed me several numbers.
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