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Tribs 12-31-09

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yes to fall creek open all year,and a few inland streams are open all year too..finger lake tribs close dec 31st ..But like pearch pred. said always check the "book" for special rules and regs. nice fish too!!!! W.G. ...Who knows what the dingdongs down state might be requiring next,stream stamp,boot stamp,parking stamp,pole stamp,net stamp................................ :o

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mm mono on a flyreel....lifting??

What does mm stand for? And why does everyone always assume that because a guy uses mono on a fly reel hes lifting? Granted a lot of scumbags use this technique.. but not me.. . All the fish above were fairly caught, pic snapped then released for the next guy.. Maybe some guy with a $400 fly rod.. Maybe some kid with a $20 walmart special spinning rod and worms..... Don't judge... Thats all I'm saying...

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WG , dont take it too serious ;) , nice job and pics :yes:

My dad taught me how to drift with a fly rod , loaded with mono , still do it today and

he did it before I was around.

Some people just assume things , probably cuz the dont know any better :lol:

More fish for us :D

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