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1-1 Sodus Report...

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Hit the ice at 11:30 am today with Woody and, after hearing of good reports at the south end of the bay from Davenport's, decided to target that area. Set-up north of the pack on the east side over 10 fow +/- with a spread of 10 tip-ups and a jiggin' rod for each of us. It was pretty slow, however we did have a good flurry of activity from 2 to 3:30 with a couple dozen flags and some activity on the jiggin' rods. Ended the day at 4:20 with 10 largemouth bass (2 were 3+ lbs), 7 jack perch, 1 3 lb pike, and Woody iced a sweet 7 lb brown!! :o


Pretty decent day on the ice considering we missed the morning bite! I won't be out again until next weekend...

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Yeah, it gave Woody a great fight - one that he said he won't forget! 8) So what's the deal with the Solar Tables? Haven't heard of those before - anyone care to enlighten me? Woody and I thought it might have been the front coming through that got them active...

PP - Nice catch! I have an LMB on my wall just shy of 5 lbs that I caught in Port Bay a couple summers back. Did they give you much of a fight or were they like catching lakers: just pulling in weight. All the bass we caught were fairly inactive. Typical of the cold waters I think...

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They were a little slow, but not bad. The pickeral was a screamer though. The solar or lunar tables have to do with the moon phase[i.e. full, half, new]and it's position in the sky. the best being full moon directly above or below foot. Also directly to either side is good. 2 days before through 2 days after a full moon is best and after that can really suck because they're gorged. You should be able to find the chart online. It also woks for big and small game.

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