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Happy New Year

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I know I am a day late, but I wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year!

Last year was my first year targeting Musky, and it was my favorite year of fishing yet. A goal for this new year is to try out and learn a few different lakes. I spent all of last year on Chautauqua. I know the majority of my fishing will still be at Chautauqua, but it will be fun seeing the other lakes and learning what they have to offer. Also, I spent a lot of time diversifying my fishing style between casting and trolling. I am hooked on both styles, and I would love to learn more about both. I cannot wait for the season to start back up and hope everyone here is just as excited as I am! Does anyone else want to share their goals for 2010?

Here is to the new year, and seeing you all back on the lake!


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My goal for 2010 is to raise enough funds for the Chautauqua Bait Fish Fund to have enough money to purchase enough fathead minnows to feed the musky fry in all the outside holding ponds at Prendergast Hatchery,so all the musky fry stocked in NY waters are as long as they can possibly grown before release,for better chances of survival.Then I would like to spend time on the water with some of the many LOU fishermen I have met through this message board and at the Chautauqua Tournaments!

Happy New Year To All!

Capt. Larry

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Happy new New Year LOU members.

My goal for this this year is for Wendy and I to both get Muskys castin! Wendy had a nice Corvalus and Compre rod delivered by santa this year :yes: Man I hope we can get her on a big one! I also wish good fishin to all! God willin we will see a couple Muskys boatside come open season. :inlove: Good Luck boys and girls. :yes:

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