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Ice Shelters


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Anyone have any experience with the hub style pop up blinds they have out now? I was thinking of getting one instead of the sled style.

Well thought I would chime in. I bought a new KillZone Igloo-XL 5L 4 man shelter and I love it. Can't imagine having just the 2 man as I love the room of the 4 man (which might be a little tight with 3 people).

What steered me towards the KillZone was the 4 larger windows (which I put on inside my home when I set it up when I first received it and have not had any problems with) on all sides so you can see your tipups. It does only have 1 door (I wound recommend putting the door away from the wind...), but thats fine for me. And it is made of 600 D Poly much like the Clams and only cost me around $150 shipped.

The way I found best to set it up (and have done so in 25+mph winds by myself) is to point one corner into the wind (so that two sides will be into the wind, not just one) and then I use a old hand drill with a 1/4" drill bit and pre-drill that first windward corner. Once pre-drilled I install that anchor and then proceed to follow the same procedure on the two common corners with those two sides. I have yet to bother to put all for corners in. After I install all three corners, I then put two anchors in to secure the windward hubs to. With the lines attached to the hubs on the windward sides, I then pop the roof up, followed by the two leeward sides, and then the windward sides which I promptly secure to the anchors. Then its fishing time. One spot where I fish, I can pull in the parking lot, walk out about 1300-1500 feet, setup the shelter and be fishing all within 20 minutes.

Two things I found to help with the anchors is to pre-drill with a long 1/4" bit, or you will be there all day trying to start those by hand. Even with an old-school hand drill it only takes a matter of seconds to drill the hole and you don't have to worry about a dead battery. The other thing being that I put 1.5-2" of 1/4" marine fuel line (had it around and its thick) onto the shaft of the anchors so that you don't have to screw the anchors all the way in till the handle, which is kind of awkward, and this allows you to tighten the skirt right to the ice.

I think the biggest thing with any hub style shanty in common sense... they are big, and they are light (which is exactly why I bought it), so it NEEDS to be properly anchored (windward hubs need to be anchored). I still believe they are the best bang for your buck. You do need to realize that if your fishing style is hopping from hole to hole, you are not going to want to set this thing up and down a million times.

Some pictures:


Four man:


New 2010 Model - KillZone Igloo-XL© Ice Fishing Shelter (Shanty)

The popular KillZone Igloo-XL© 4 Person Ice Fishing Shelter has been updated for 2010 with a Heavy Duty 600D Poly Shell that will keep you warm and out of the wind. This hub style premium fishing shelter features an open floor, 4 clear removable windows with shades, open flap vents, and a black-out interior for superior fishing vision. The lightweight redesigned steel hub design makes setup and takedown quick and easy. We now include 8 auger stakes with clip end tie-downs and a zippered carry bag at no additional cost.


Fits 4 People

72" x 72" Floor

4 Removable Clear Windows and Shades Included

Carry Pack Included

8 Auger-Style Stakes Included

Open Dimensions: 92†Hub to Hub x 83†Center

Folded Dimensions: 52†L x 8†W x 8†H

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i watched a few guys trying to drag thier shelters off of the ice this weekend, with all the snow and slush built up on the ice they did a better job of being a plow than anything. those guys where getting some real work outs pulling them. also with the ice like it was the guys with the atv's where leaving some serious trenches in the slush making it difficult for those of us pulling sleds. the trenches tend to make it pretty easy for the sleds to tip over if your not carefull traversing them.

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