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Thrillseeker Vince


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Where are you Vince ???, We're looking for ya

The Man ~ The Myth ~ The Legend

6 time winner "Lake Ontario Pro/Am Challenge Cup" Pro Division

1995 1998 2000 2003 2005 2006

Yeah, rumor had it he may be coming to LOU!

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Capt. Vince,

Tip #1 - I came back to Ontario 3 years ago after a 20 year layoff. I am also out of Olcott (B12) and I ahve cought Salmon, Lakers and Rainbow but for the life of me I can not catch a Brown.


Tom B..you can throw your $.02 in with a few tips as well.


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SHADE try this , just got off the lake , first thing i did is turn off fish finder , than i flipped the switch off on the moore subtroll, went back too the rigger and with my left hand i coverd the depth counter & dropped a line and wamO - 5 minutes later luke netted up 12lb brown and i can't take all the credit i learned it right here on this site ! but you do have too picture the fish in ur head and have confidence. :P

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Shade, great to hear you came back to one of the best fisheries in the world! The first thing I would say regarding Browns is there are no rules. To get one under your belt, keep it simple. Although there have been great catches and some real brutes caught on flies or meat behind attractors, get them out of the water most of the time when targeting Browns specifically. Early in the Spring run clean plugs, and during the Summer run clean spoons. Again, not a rule always, but they generally like the warmest water available in the Spring, and the warmer top end of the thermocline in the Summer. Once again, not a hard and fast rule, but they most often go for smaller bait sizes than Salmon. The exploding population of gobys has made it difficult to pull Brownies at times for all of us. They absolutey love them. Hope this helps. The Runnin' Rebel boys are respected lakewide for their Brown trout skills. Talk to them too.

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I've fished with the guy on charters and tournaments, and I learned more in the last few posts from him then he's told or shared with me in the last 6+ years!! How did this happen??!! LOL......... :lol:



a "confused" Team Thrillseeker member

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