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Thrillseeker Vince


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Thanks everyone, for the welcomes. My involvement here was to help where I could with all the issues facing the fishery/tournaments. Still finding my way around, but I can see where a few chuckles can be had. Tom, you are a big reason why I'm on here. Looking forward to protecting the fishery and promoting the tournament growth with all of you.

Dex, who are you kidding? Don't you remember when I called you a "sharp shooter" in that first pilot show? BTW, you would learn even more if you weren't "blowing people up" on the way to EVERY shot we take! My personal favorites are when you grab 2 rods! Share a little will ya? Now you know the deal, I agreed to excuse you from off season mini-camp, so get back to your off season regiment. As you so eloquently text me yesterday--- only 12 weeks til showtime!!!

Yvan, so you're the one responsible for pushing drinks on "Wonderboy" and milking him for info! You're in big trouble! You know there's no room for that in the Professionalism you preached at the Captains meeting in Dahlousie last April. Stop Tampering! (hint: if you really want to get to Nick, put him in a "Hot" ice fishin' spot). Looking fwd to seeing our Northern neighbors. Keep us informed as to any exciting news with your circuit.

Dave and Andrea, looking fwd to seeing you in Olcott this Spring. Lets all fight to keep the Windmills out of our playground.

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