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Legendary Diver release


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LOL....that guys was Mike of Proteous charters. There are a lot of guys using these retrofit divers very successfully. I had one and ran it most of the Spring. I couldn't get used to it personally. Big John over at Legendary is a thinker and he comes up with some very nice products (Smartfish. alberta clipper). He has been smashing the fish in Michigan with it for a few years now. He tells me it will out fish the regular diver on his boat.

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tried it during the oswego scotty last year...i didn't have any problems with it but when you get a hit and the fish comes off your going to want to bring it in to make sure there wasn't a tackle problem. So i found it to be kinda useless for us as i can't think of the last time i had a dipsy that didn't trip, good idea though

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I tried it for a short time last summer. First, I had a hard time finding it. I started with all Sodus shops, and ended up at Fat Nancy's before I found it.

The conversion was easy, and they preformed as promised (I didn't try them beyond 120 ft though).

They do reset which saves a lot of time re-rigging. But, as Matt says, after a hit, you need to check your tackle when you loose the fish anyway.

For that reason, I stopped using them.


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Just a thought....

How fast can you clear a dipsey rigged like this out of the way during a major fish-on!! fire drill??

If there is no fish pulling on the spring and release, seems like it would want to dive, and therefore make it really difficult to get a dipsey out of the way.

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Legendary Wonderset Diver automatic diver release!

My fellow fishermen on LOU.

I field tested the wonderset divers the past two summers

on my boat out of Oswego. I provided allot of feedback to

my old friend John Emory who has been an inventor since

he was a young man, ( he is approaching 80 )

Here is what I found take it for what it is worth.

1- Substantially less break-offs on diver hits unlike regular

divers. Less torque ( less than half than regular diver releases )

Much easier on the rods and reels ( drags etc ! ) I can't remember

loosing any gear with wonderset conversions over two summers.

2- Different application than regular divers, takes some getting

used to.

3. Works great at depth's to over 100 feet down, 3 to 1 ratio on the

wire seems to be in the ballpark.

4. Several Charter Boats on the eastern end of the lake are running

them successfully.

5. Down and outs won't trip unless hit by a fish

6. When they hit bottom, They won't hang up unlike other divers.

7. I had several re-hits on fish without retrieving lures ( flashers )

after not initially being hooked up. I could'nt believe it when it

happened, it it happened several times.

8. No problem changing lures ( flashers etc! ) but you can't yank on the

retrieve as the spring will compress. Lift the rod out of your holder, hold

the rod straight up and crank the handle smartly and she comes up with

little effort. Hardest thing to get used to is that it automaticlly resets

itself everytime

9. You need to make gentle turns on your boat or the wonderset diver

will climb up the twenty or thirty feet which is not a bad thing sometimes.

10. Different application than regular divers, takes some getting used to

but will increase your batting average, and well worth the small price to

convert a couple divers over to automatic.

FOI - John Emory of Legendary Products was issued US patent # 7,637,051

for his Smartfish Flasher, I believe the only one on market with a US patent.

The patent was issued 29-Decmber 2009, congratulations to a great friend

of The Great Lakes Fishery.

Take care

Mike C

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