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Can't get enough..fever gettin higher!!!

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My fever is risin!...Here...look at this and catch the bug too! I think it's very contagious! I been lookin at a lot of other vids on here and I think I'm really sick now :( . Cher thinks I've got water on the brain :lol: (so do I but it's under the ice pack...the one on my skull :o ) I think the cure is to go out and uncover the boat and....wait :wait:...I know someone going to the keys...hmmm wonder :thinking: if he has a place to stay and gas bucks for a three month tour....what's his name? Starts with a R....uhhhhh...ends with a Y :wondering: ....OMG ...I cannnn't :wait:....I got it :whew:...OMGanothershort(notso)fatbaldone :clap: ....how bout it bald eagle, I think a little sun and warmth will cure me dude ;)


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