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Braddocks Toothy


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Approx. 32" x 6.5" Northern caught Jan16 at Braddocks Bay. It was the thickest pike ive seen in a long time. Took line off a tip-up with a larger chub on 6lb. and a small treble put about a foot under the hole. Good times when the bite was otherwise pretty slow.


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Thanks! It was a good fighter! Lotsa life... keep an eye out for him, theres a dinky treble in the left corner of its jaw with all 3 barbs burried. I saw a guy with a 38" the previous week from the same area. Difference is, mine didnt end up on the ice next to a bucket... In other news, that previous week I caught a 7"er with stripes! I never knew the tigers were in there! Cant wait till they grow up!

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