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Hello from Team THRILLSEEKER

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Name: Capt Vince Pierleoni

Location:Olcott, NY

Home Port:Olcott, harbor


I fish for:Salmon, Steelhead, Brown trout, Lake trout, Bass


Hello fellow Lake Ontario anglers,

Well I finally did it! This was due to a normal progression in my "techno" growth, and some gentle prodding by my first mate Nick and friends both new and old. I like what I see, and the forum looks to be an invaluable tool when a call to action is necessary. Which these days, is quite often.

I have fished the Lake and its tribs since 1976, and have owned and operated a full-time charterboat business since 1984. I run offseason trips on the Niagara river. I was selected to serve as member of the original fishery congress by the N.Y.S.D.E.C. I currently serve on the Niagara County fishery advisory board.

I believe that the tremendous fishery we have is no accident, it is a blessing. After Man ruined the original fishery by building the seaway and letting the alewives and lamprey in, the Lake became a wasteland. When the introduction of Pacific Salmon worked beyond anyones wildest dreams, we were given a second chance. I believe we have a responsibility to protect the Lake from all threats, the latest being the Asian carp and fields of windmills.

I am very passionate about the Tournaments held around the Lake. Great way to see different areas of this beautiful lake and meet great people. In my opinion, all things considered, Salmon are the ultimate tournament fish. When you take into account, locating them, getting them to "go", and of course landing the "maniacs"! Fishing against the best anglers on the Great Lakes, with changing weather conditions and the clock ticking away--it doesn't get any better. Those of you that fish them know what I'm talking about. There is no better way to enjoy and showcase our fishery.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding with my involvement in this forum. The Spring through Fall is very busy, and doesn't leave alot of extra time for the computer.



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Hi Vince and Mark, glad you came aboard. Hope you find the site a valuable tool to find and share information. I know you will have a large audience for your posts here so jump in whenever you can offer your sage advice.

Have fun and don't let Mark talk you into giving up too many secrets, one or two but that's it.


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Its always nice to see new guys Join ,now that ya got all the friendly Welcoms Its my turn.............Some things we all take for granted , I belive their is a lot more to winning a derby than just the spread you put out so ???????????Is it boxers or briefs ??? Ive tried em all even right down to bare buffy trollin and still ant won one yet !!!!Why do the fish bite better when some one wanders to the pee cup or ya start serving lunch and the rods go off, how do ya train a 63 year old man to keep the boat straight , keep the speed right,drink a bevarage ,smoke a ciggerate, fetch cheetos off the floor of the boat ,,,at the same time ???? I know this will keep ya busy for a while so il sit back and wait.............and wait...................and wait Ut oh someplace "just froze over" (P.S. welcome)

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Hey Ray,

You will have to give me time to learn whos who, and what to take serious. The wind-chill is wicked and the Niagara is currently chocolate milk, so I'm here to respond.

I preach to my guys "Plan your work, work your plan", which I believe is a Lombardism. There is a lot more to Pro-Am style competitions besides the program you put in the water. Probably the best advice is to get pummeled badly in a few events, and learn from it.

As for big-fish derbies, it was easier years ago when many anglers were not even prepared to land a Lake Ontario Giant, if they hooked one. To put the odds in your favor, use proven presentations in proven areas of the Lake for the species you are after.

As for the crazy "murphy's law" type stuff you refer to, I honestly believe the Creator has a sense of humor! It is there for us to see, oh-so-many times that we are not in charge! When we are struggling in a competition, we often "dare" the finest of all gamefish to rip us up while we turn our backs and recite "watched pots never boil"! Stay Warm.

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