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new cannon snt units


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First question will the new probes for these work on the old model read outs? Second is where can i get one check cannons web site nothing there? This new probe looks like it might be the ticket for cannons unit.

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www.cannondownriggers.com click on Products, then Speed -N- Temp.

It is called Intellitroll SNT. I sent an email to them and they informed me that the probe will not interface with anyother unit. The cost of this SNT is $549.99.

I wrote back and told them how dis-satisfied I was with the other unit that they never was able to run reliable enough and that they could not find a way to make the new probe interface with the crappy one. I also said I would never purchase a connon product again.

I'll stick with Scotty downriggers and Fish Hawk SNT.


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A quick Google search turned up the Cannon IntelliTroll for as low as $470. As for the new probe working with the old display, no that won't work. This is a completely new unit and is a major improvement over their old SnT unit. The probe itself is significantly smaller than the old probe. We did some pre-production testing of the new probe (but not the display unit) for Cannon last summer and we were pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. We were able to get consistent readings with as much as 250' of cable out. For a full pdf with all the specs, etc, I've posted it here: http://myblog.billyvsportfishing.com/

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