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Pike fishing,two @ 40"( Pictures)

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While on a brookie trip last summer we did manage a few nice pike



While fighting this Pike we spotted another one cruising the area this pic was about 6 inches longer than the one i was fighting.. and it turned out to be a shade under 41



I had the above picture cleared up by a friend Drew(bunk) you can see the pike between our shadows





My second 40 inch of the day







I am thinking of going back this summer... but there could be a fly in with customers from work... i can take holiday for one trip only..monster walleye and trophy Pike... of trophy Brooke trout and monster pike... tough choice 8)

Thanks for looking


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Tough to switch over to brookies when you're catching gators like that. Awesome fish and thanks for the pics.
funny thing was the guy that we were fishing with and had fished the lake the year before wanted me to go for a few Pike... I didn't want to, i was thrilled to be catching trophy size Brook trout, after all ,one of the guys i was fishing with (there were 3 of us) had been fishing brookies all his life, and had never caught a 3 pound brookie. So I knew by his face every time we landed on of these giants that it was something special.Due to wind one day i had to go for pike,or get blowen up on shore.After only a few minutes i was into my first ,and it was almost 41 inches and a PB (still is my Personal best) then in another place i caught my second pike of the trip another 40 incher... after that they had hard time to get me to go for brookies :D
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