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few pics from last year(bass)


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I had a fair year in the bass fishing department last year, here are a few that hit the bottom of the boat










no monsters in fact i never broke 5 pounds, close but never made it... maybe next year :)

Thanks for looking


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Thanks Guys,My brother and i used to fish bass all the time... then i took a couple of Salmon Charters in Oakville in the very eary 80's caught my first Salmon and so for the next couple of years I chartered a boat 2 or 3 times a year to fish for Salmon...I didn't want to fool around with small fish any more :D then I bought my own boat and stared fishing Salmon out of Port Hope ...what a thrill landing your first salmon... where you chose the bait set the line ,set the riggers and trolling speed... and then to to see the rod bounce in the holder then to spring up and the sound of the drag singing.... almost to much for a guys heart to stand :D did that type of fishing right up till about 2007... I got tired of the drive... 3.5 hours there and 3.5 hours back... i would leave Ottawa at Midnight... launch at 4:30 am.... head in around 4:30 PM, clean the fish, button down the boat and take the 3.5 hour drive back home(I trailered the boat boat ways).I started to Carp fish... I loved it... 1/2 hour from home... sit back relax on the bank... have BBQ and catch 30pound plus fish :yes: no big gas bills... I could grab a nap in the middle of the afternoon... If a fish hit the Alarm would wake me up...(somtimes :$) then last Summer I got back into bass again... upgraded all my rods and reels... and started to pound the lily pads...I didn't relieze how much I missed this type of fishing. I'm realy looking forward to the end of June when the season opens up again.

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