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Long Nose Gar(pictures)


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Nice pic's My Nephew would go crazy over them, ever sense he seen the first one in I-Bay he has wanted to catch one and after about 15 years now he is still trying to catch that first one.

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Awesome pics...I've only managed to catch one but it was well worth it. I got mine in Little Sodus Bay just out of the State Park ramp and man did he jump...put all the steelheads i've caught to shame in height of jumps
these fish... even the small ones put up one heck of a fight,it's the one reson i can't wait till the spring to tarrget them


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I caught one casting from my boat in front of Russell station in about 6 ft. of water in June. Crazy thing is, he missed the cleo by about 4 inches, and was just clamped down on my 10lb. floro! It was about 30". What a great surprise! I was shocked at the fight, then to see that at the surface... thanks for sharing your pics! I'll try and locate my gar photos.

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