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Asian Carp: Now Is A Very Important Time To Act

fish or swim

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On Monday, February 8 there will be an Asian Carp Summit at the White House, Washington, DC. There will be many political leaders there and some critical decisions may be made concerning this issue. Now is the time to let these leaders know your views on this issue.

If you haven’t already signed this petition please do so. Get your family members and friends to sign it as well. It is meant for anyone in the Great Lakes area and beyond to sign. This is the link to the petition. It is a different one than is already posted on this site.


If any one has other petitions that they know of please post them here.

As well contact your member of Congress and two Senators. If you have already done this please do it again. Even if you expect to get a form type response or even no response at all it is important to create as much volume of letters and phone calls as possible. This lets them know there are many people concerned about this issue.

If anyone is not familiar with the Asian carp problem this link gives a full explanation.

Asian Carp Management


Threat to the Great Lakes

http://www.asiancarp.org/rapidresponse/ ... threat.htm

Please copy this to other fishing sites that you may visit.

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