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Happy Birthday Day - A-Tom-Mik


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Thanks to all !!!! Was a great day !!!! Spent the day chasing Jumbo's with my son (who happens to hold the reigns when we share time on the ice )

Out fished good ole dad today for the lunker


But I picked up a few of the scraps !!!


Thanks again, all your wishes felt great !!!


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yo geezer spent the day on the water and missed the puter all togeather 20 mph wind kept me tight to the bridges still waiting for the right day to wet the flys ....we got our limit of nice snapper so ill have fresh fish for the superbowl game for ya just come and get it...turn left out the driveway go about 1700 miles south turn right on ohio key and thell tell ya where the site is...see ya in 27 hrs.... PS ..Please bring boat! (happy B day and happier year)

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