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donald e hinckley

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thought I would shoot a question out to all the lake ontario walleye guys. my buddy,s and I fish the eastern end in may and early june for slob walleye. We fish black river bay chaumont, guffinn bay and mud bay areas but have never fished them in late fall. I was wondering if any of you have fished these areas in nov, dec. with any success :yes::no:

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Hi Don.. and welcome aboard. Like you.. we fish from Mud Bay down to Point Penn. in spring and early summer with decent results. Then we move to eastern Lake Erie and do well from July till Sept. I've tried the Mud Bay area a few times in the fall with pretty poor results. I do know guys who do well there then, but I just haven't figured out the fall pattern yet. Late fall till ice-in I pound my local river from the "little" boat. If I do get the fall bite up there I'll let you know. Stick around.. lots of good guys and great info here! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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