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Anyone tried these flies


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Another fly maker.Who woulda thunk.Everyone is getting into the fly business.

99% of the flies we run,we tie ourselves.As for the ones we buy,Atommik and Big Weennie are the two we buy from.Both of these guys are great to deal with.

I Buy the material from Atommik,and tie up the patterns that work the best.They are so easy to make that I keep the material on hand so that if a certain color is working good I can make a fly up in five minutes.

And! once you start to tie them yourself,it becomes addictive.I must have at least two hundred on board,and my buddy has equally as many.It's funny though,I still run only about five or six colors.

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I only asked if anyone used the flies. What your personal preference is what works for you. In my arsenal 70% of my flies are ATM and 60% of my spoons are DW. But like everyother fishermen I try different looks. There are days I may be using lets say LBB by ATM and I change to a LBB by Howie and it starts putting fish in the box. That does not mean I am going to stock up on Howie flies.

I have seen post on here several times when someone will ask what is you favorite 3 spoons or 3 flies. Seeing that I have way to much time on my hands I have documented these survays and some of you would be surprised at the outcome.

I'll try anything if the fishing is slow. I never used Big Weenie but I purchased 1/2 dozen at the LOTSA flee market. I never used ITO but I am going to try them this year as well but that does not mean I will push aside my favorites.


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