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Bachelor Party Charter Trip


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My buddies are on me to choose something to do for my bachelor party. I'm thinking about doing a charter salmon trip. There would be 7 of us in mid June out of the Rochester area. How is the action in June? Anyone know of a good charter that can handle 7 guests? Has anyone else done a bachelor party like this?



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Yeah guys, most charters like to take a max of 4 people. So, your probably looking at two boats. Keep that in mind as that means twice the cost. I know how some bachelor parties can, so please remember that the Captain is responsible for your safety, and try not to put him in a bad position. I'm sure you guys will be fine. My biggest argument for people who want to bring 5 or 6 people is that it means you have to wait longer for your turn to come around. With two boats you guys can have a little tourney between friends.

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I arranged the same party for my good friend.

I did not want a dud charter. Did the research and ended up with this charter-


Chris has a 30 foor Penn Yan - One of the larger charter boats around and should fit your needs.

Chris worked his tail off for us and was very professional. Most of us waited to crack the beers until mid trip, worked great.

Good Luck

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