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Shark Weights


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I am considering buying some sharks (15 pounders). I know they will greatly reduce the blow back and help me fish at a true depth. I am just wondering if they are worth the money? Or are there alternatives. All I can find are cannon balls and that won't help my problem with blow back,



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just my $.02, i put 5 brutes on my 252 sportcraft so i could run heavier weights with faster retrieves.

i had run atommiks torpedos before the brutes on my capt paks and was very satisfied with the blowback reduction with the torpedos.

i have switched to 15# and 20# sharks on all my drs and have been very satisfied with their tracking.

please keep in mind that when buying wieghts MAKE SURE YOUR DRS CAN HANDLE THE WEIGHT.

capt paks worked fine with the 13# torpedos but had to labor with the 15# sharks.

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I use the same torpedo weights that they sell on the atommik web site and my friends use them as well and they work great and are a heck of a lot cheaper than shark weights. We all use the 13 pounders and they work better than 15 pounders in some other types of styles like the ball weights. There are several stores that sell them as well. You can get them in Oswego at the salmon shop for 29.99 and at woody's tackle in pulaski (I think thats the city) for around 29.00. They have very little blow back.

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We switched from Sharks and have been very happy with the move. Nothing fancy with the Troll-Rites. They just work and cost about 2/3 as much as a Shark.

Bill, Just curious, seen as you already had the Sharks why did you switch? 1.gif

Was it a performance issue?

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Looking at the picture they look kind of tail heavy. How do they run in the water? Does that tail hang lower than the rest of the ball and if so, does it affect how they run? I'm looking at moving to weights that are heavier than the ones I'm using now. I want to make sure I don't end up with something that I won't use.

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