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Walleye rig


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fishbone; 90% of my fishing is for gators (walleye) on lake erie. The typical best rigs year in and year out are as follows;

Worm Harnesses;

Run them off Dipsy's, Jets, or flat line them with a 1oz weight attached 20 feet from the harness. Run between 5-8 foot leader from dipsy to harness, and with the jet use a 5 foot leader.


Stinger spoons are consistently the best walleye spoon. Highly recommend using the Scorpion size with copper plating. Pink panties, confusion, hammer have been good for us recently.

Reef Runners/ other crankbaits.

Run them off big or little boards. Be sure they are tuned correctly.

www.erieoutfitters.com www.ohiogamefishing.com www.walleye.com

These websites may help if you need any researching.

Hope this helps a little!

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