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Type 1 Life Jackets

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Guys, I got mine from the Bass Pro store. Ask about the "special vendor" discount for charter and guide services at the customer service desk. They'll want to see your NYS Guides license or Captains license and possibly a business card or brochure. I think it was a 15% discount. This is a store policy, not a corporate policy, hopefully it hasn't changed. I think they had the lights for about $15 each. I found some from Seattle Marine online for $8 to $9 each.


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They do the discount on anything except electronics and guns/ammo I believe. I've gotten it on rods/reels, lures, lifevests and boat accessories several times.

To operate a charter you are required by USCG to have the personal location lights on the vests with dated batteries. Glow sticks are also acceptable. I'll try to pm you a booklet for what's required for charter operation.

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